A new trailer series + campaign for Nussbaum that explores both the challenges and hope we have in our lives through the words of the Psalms.


We partnered with Nussbaum to create a trailer series experience – from the printed truck graphics to The Psalms landing page, film, and internal launch. We also created photo-realistic 3D truck renders for use in studio and 3D photo backdrops.

Photo-Realistic 3D Truck Render

The Verses

We brought static photography to life with subtle motion elements to create intrigue and realism.

We took super high-resolution photography (100+ megapixels) for trailer graphics and campaigns and brought them to life on the website by adding animated elements such as water, sun glares, and birds, to bring each photo to life on the web.

See photos brought to life…

High-Resolution Still Image

Added animated elements to bring photo to life.

Social Sharing Campaign

Empowering Nussbaum employees and others who interact with the site the ability to share on their own social platforms.

Regional Billboard Campaign

Creating strategic placements for both print + digital boards to reach drivers, prospective drivers and a wide audience with the hope of the Psalms.