Reimagining an architectural and real estate firm. New branding, messaging, and process.


Our team greatly enjoyed working with the Workbench team to reimagine their firm. By bringing definition and clarity to the “Collaborative” and helping create a new “Process” for new and prospective clients. Through our Discovery, we worked together to define how the Architectural and Real Estate wing, though separate,  worked hand-in-hand to move their mission forward. This new brand helps continue their efforts to make every space meaningful.

The mark,
the process,
& messaging.

A new contemporary, yet eccentric serif wordmark exemplifies the intentional deviation from a conventional, expected approach to spaces and architecture, which Workbench embraces on every level.

We designed the red-orange North Arrow inside of the “W” as a staple in the architecture space that symbolizes direction and guidance – both of which Workbench provides. The “W” is used as its own standalone mark where brand awareness is high.

The Process

The 4-Part Workbench Process was created to bring enhanced clarity to each project – both internally and client-facing. When your customers know where they are and where they’re going, it builds trust and a sense of direction. Each side of the Northstar in the logo represents a part in the process. When completed, it provides direction and establishes a location.



It starts with you and what you value.
Opportunity Development + Feasibility + Market Analysis


A custom and collaborative design based on your vision.
Schematic Design + Design Development


The technical drawings are completed and your space begins to come to life.
Execution + Inspection + Delivery


Your space, conceived and created from your values.
Management + Evaluation + Improvements


New, consistent messaging was created to give purpose for not only what Workbench does, but what every space should possess: meaning.

This new messaging embraced Workbench’s passion for every project, big and small, to create a meaningful environment for each client.


Colors matter with every brand. The colors that represent Workbench are charcoal, red, and a mix of cool and warm greys.

We use tints and shades to bring added depth and interest to the black and greys for the brand.

Charcoal Black

Workbench Red

Cool Grey

Warm Grey


Bringing it all together.

When the logomark, messaging, typography, colors, and imagery are used in unison it creates a beautiful and cohesive brand experience.